Turnkey Automation & Control Solutions

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Our Services

H3 providing a comprehensive range of consultancy services, focusing on innovation to though leadership in turnkey Automation & Control solutions.
There is much more to delivering innovative and effective solutions than simply configuring and installing software .the goal is designing the solution to reduce workflow complexities ,enable users to do their work more effectively ,improve operations management and execution ,reduce costs ,waste, and ultimately improve business viability and profitability .the solution must justify the capital expenditure. Many manufacturers require the services of experience, professional and dedicated services provider to implement the types of solutions.
Project Management
H3 executes the projects from start to finish with excellence and convenience. We coordinate each activity and resources in a timely manner to achieve start up and production according to schedule. H3 becomes your partner and looks after your best interest. We become acquainted with your production systems, therefore delivering the best results.
Commissioning & Trouble Shooting
• A full range of Automation & Control solutions services from people who are working at your convenience, speak your language, and can handle high pressure situations.
• Trouble shooting with a unique synthesis of: end-user, design, manufacturing, and research knowledge, plus state-of-the-art analytical technology and expertise.
• A responsive and flexible team dedicated to the client's satisfaction, providing transparent solutions that the client can understand and learn from for the future.
Services Level Agreement
We are able to provide you a strong SLA and assurance because of the technologies & services we use, our organizational discipline, and our operational excellence in providing our turnkey Automation & Control solutions.